Summer is a fantastic time to up your digital marketing game. With consumers in a good mood and feeling the need to revitalise their life and their buying habits after the winter lull, you can make sure to put your business in the best possible position to succeed by following some simple summer marketing strategies.


This blog will look at a few of these strategies, and the ways in which you can get the best reach possible from anything you do in the coming months.

1. The customer comes first
There’s been a significant change in the way businesses have marketed to consumers in recent months and years – and all of this is based around the desire to put the customer first. Make sure you react to what they want this summer and what you think their lifestyle choices will be. Feedback will play an important part of marketing this summer, so open your business and products up to be reviewed and recommended by others.

2. Think inbound – makes the most of user generated content
If there’s one thing we can be certain of this summer is that there will be absolutely loads of user generated content. Whether this is Instagram images, FB posts, Flickr images or tweets, it’s a great idea as a company to make the most of the user generated content you’re being fed on a regular basis. Compile lists of images and look to your audience and your consumers to market your products as much as possible. There’s no better time for this than summer.

3. Be ahead of the game
Don’t wait until summer to plan your marketing strategy for the season – make sure you’re ahead of the game and plan accordingly. Use Google Trends to plan keyword strategies to target popular keywords ahead of time, and look at locality and its corresponding climate, attractions and people’s habits to determine where you’re pitching your marketing. Being ahead of the game in terms of climate also means you’re likely to be ahead of many of your competitors.

There are thousands of marketing strategies for summer at your disposal, and many different ways of approaching the same conclusion. Summer as a season is a great way of opening your brand up to relevant consumers – people have more money, feel more in control and have a greater sense of freedom during the warmer months and often this can trickle down into purchasing habits. Make the most of your opportunities by being one step ahead, having a plan in place, understanding how you will connect on social media and allowing your brand to speak for itself.

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