More and more businesses are starting to understand the importance of optimisation for smartphones, since last year, it was announced that the number of people who use smartphones to browse the web is equal to that who use a computer. With this in mind, optimising your businesses’ design, brand and usability for smartphone is essential if you want your business to thrive in the digital age.


Diffuse Background Image

In case this is a slightly confusing title, this basically means when you have a ‘blur effect’ behind your text, overlapped with large fonts. This is a popular option, as those using their smartphones do not want to be dealing with huge amounts of minuscule font – the blurred background helps to emphasise this bold text, which in turn can help make more banal apps interesting and attractive.

User-centric navigation and ease

Long scrolling on a smartphone is a lot more manageable from a user perspective than tonnes of writing packed into a tiny space. It’s worth noting that minimalism is a huge favourite when it comes to graphic design, therefore applying this to smartphone optimisation is a good move. To achieve this minimalism, long scroll makes total sense.

Design that works for wearable

Wearable design does exactly what is says on the tin, referring to devices you can wear and use interactively such as watches and glasses, jewellery. You should aim to treat your vision for mobile optimisation in the same way that you might for these items, which like smartphones are small, practical and portable items. This is where a design team come in, amalgamating smartphone optimisation and design for wearable, for your brand.

A strong focus on functional animation

Smartphones have stronger processors than ever, which opens up a new avenue by which to tell your brand’s story. Javascript animation is becoming increasingly popular, allowing you to add animation libraries and have movable images integrated into the smartphone version of your website or your app.

Typography matters

Sometimes smartphones are not the most straightforward way to actually see text, being fairly small devices that can sometimes be unpredictable with backlighting and so on. For this reason, the appearance of your text on the page should be easily perceivable and unpretentious, because there is no room for misinterpretation from your consumers’ point of view.

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