How we created a new brand to monetise this bi-product of an existing business into a useful additional revenue stream

Key facts


Elite alpaca herd


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The brief

Walkley Fields Alpaca Stud Farm in Australia approached us to create a consumer brand that would enable them to sell the bi-products from their Alpaca Stud Farm, namely the high quality alpaca wool that they get each time the alpacas are sheared. They realised there was an opportunity to monetise this as a product that would be high in demand for craft knitters and so tasked us with coming up with something to position them appropriately in that market. Once the brand was created, they would also need an e-commerce store to allow them to sell the balls of wall to the knitters and again this was something we were tasked with designing and building for them, along with product packaging.

The response

We went through a robust research and naming project, drawing inspiration from the Inca civilisation, who were known to call alpaca wool the ‘fibre of the gods’. The homely new name “Mama & Moon” was developed to appeal to the target market of craft and knitting enthusiasts while giving a nod to Inca history. The name is an amalgam of two Inca gods: Mama Ocllo, who taught young Incas how to weave; and Mother Moon. Together they form an invitingly friendly, informal brand name. The logo device is a reflection of the gods it references, while reinforcing the nature of the product, hence we have a circular marque which is partially a ball of wool and partly a crescent moon. This is combined with a logotype in a serif font with a slightly quirky nature that uses a combination of upper and lower case style characters. This ensures the typography has an overall character of quality while remaining approachable and distinctive. The cherry on the ball of wool, as it were, is the logo strap line. We developed ‘Heavenly Alpaca Wool’ as a way to evoke the exquisite quality of the product while hinting at the gods alluding to in the name.

We kept the website nice and compact, using Wordpress with a Woocommerce integration and some lovely photography to create a lovely little site that was launched in super-quick time on a shoestring budget, allowing them to rapidly get these products to market and creating a nice extra revenue stream to leverage an expanding market (The amount of people taking up knitting as a new hobby during the Covid lockdown has created a strong market for quality wool products).

The benefits

Creating the Mama & Moon brand and website has given Walkley Fields the tools to monetise a secondary bi-product of their existing business and turn it into an important second revenue stream. The client is delighted with the creative response and the financial rewards gained by a modest investment and a bit of foresight to grasp an opportunity.

"Bob has transformed our identity from the homemade effort we were using to begin with. We now have a fantastic brand that totally reflects our business ethos and a flexible website that will continue to support the company's rapid growth."

Director, Strawberry Property

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