JWT Shanghai’s Samsonite print campaign ‘Heaven and Hell’ is officially the world’s most awarded print ad in history.

Created in 2012, the ad tells a story in a single picture, without the use of a single word to communicate the durability of the brand’s luggage to the Asian market. Heaven and Hell tells of the contrast between travelers and their luggage. Although they’re both on the same plane, they travel in ‘Heaven’ (first class) and ‘Hell’ (cargo) respectively. However, even after undergoing a torturous ordeal in Hell, the Samsonite baggage still emerges unscathed.

The ad has been awarded “10 Grand Prizes, 38 gold awards and 3 Yellow Pencils, accumulated from the world’s biggest and most prestigious award-giving bodies,” according to Inquirer Business.

Tell us what you think, is it truly the best advert you’ve ever seen in print? or do you have a better suggestion?

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