New Bristol Living brand aims to make accommodation easier

Here at Bob the ink has just dried, metaphorically speaking, on a new brand identity for shared accommodation specialists Bristol Living. Bob was tasked with developing a professional yet vibrant new brand and website to set this fledgling company on the stairway to success.

The team at Bristol Living has noticed in cities like our own, shared accommodation is practically the norm among young professionals. Bristol Living wants to be identified as the modern and preferred choice for shared living in the south west. In doing so their aim is to create a dynamic business model to service landlords, agents and tenants.

Our brief was to create a clean, professional brand with an element of stand-out to it. Our typographic solution keeps things clean and crisp yet the inclusion of a striking highlight colour of fluorescent orange helps Bristol Living stands out from the crowd. The new website is aimed at landlords and tenants, providing a clear and simple online experience with a suitably small footprint for the time being, yet with potential to expand as Bristol Living grows. The team at Bristol Living are thrilled with their new look and are already engaging the local housing market and building towards their first milestones.

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