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New IPSO logo helps distinguish between real and fake news

The UK’s press watchdog The Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) has launched a new kitemark logo, which will be ‘worn with pride’ by member magazines, newspapers and websites to show their content is regulated. The kitemark logo aims to combat the problem of ‘fake news’ by giving newspapers, magazines and websites a form of accreditation and holding them to account if they report unethically.

Designed by advertising agency McCann London, the new rosette-shaped logo launched by IPSO will be used on print and online versions of member publications and will feature alongside contact details, complaint forms, and corrections and clarifications to articles, and may also feature on the footer of homepages. Described as a ‘badge of honour’, It features the organisation’s brand set in a black, lowercase version of sans-serif typeface Futura, with a fullstop in teal next to it – set inside a roundel, with a rosette tag coming off it to the right. The rosette shape symbolises theidea of ‘British standards’ while its flat, line-drawn look aims to be graphic, simple and proud. The tag acts as a holding device for new brand motto “for press freedom with responsibility”, and the word “regulated”. It retains IPSO’s black, white and teal colour palette.

The kitemark will be optional for use by IPSO members, which pay to be regulated, but IPSO is expecting a “strong take-up”. Alongside the new IPSO rosette kitemark, a press and digital campaign will launch in early 2018 that aims to use “striking headlines and arresting illustrations” alongside supporting copy to educate readers about IPSO.