The brand identity project is for a new company called Mama & Moon. Having worked closely with the client in our initial brand discovery sessions we’ve drawn inspiration from the Inca civilisation, who were known to call alpaca wool the ‘fibre of the gods’. The homely new name was developed to appeal to the target market of craft and knitting enthusiasts while giving a nod to Inca history. The name is an amalgam of two Inca gods: Mama Ocllo, who taught young Incas how to weave; and Mother Moon. Together they form an invitingly friendly, informal brand name. The logo device is a reflection of the gods it references, while reinforcing the nature of the product, hence we have a circular marque which is partially a ball of wool and partly a crescent moon. This is combined with a logotype in a serif font with a slightly quirky nature that uses a combination of upper and lower case style characters. This ensures the typography has an overall character of quality while remaining approachable and distinctive. The cherry on the ball of wool, as it were, is the logo strap line. We developed ‘Heavenly Alpaca Wool’ as a way to evoke the exquisite quality of the product while hinting at the gods alluding to in the name.

Our client is back home on the farm as we type, shearing the herd and readying the batches of wool. The next steps for us will be to begin rolling out the Mama & Moon brand to a website, promotional items and product packaging. We’re looking forward to developing all of that shortly. As soon as we have more to show you, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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