In conjunction with a marketing consultant that Piercefield Oliver have been working with, we’ve been busying ourselves with a creating a striking re-brand. The existing brand had its plusses, in terms of recognition in the marketplace, but also had some negatives, such as the legibility of the typography and its suitability for social media and the like in today’s digital first world. They expressed concern that their existing client base was an ageing one and a need to broaden the appeal to a slightly younger demographic. They were also worried that the existing colour palette of pink and purple was alienating potential male clients. Our brief was to keep the essence of the original, but to fix the problems with it and present a new, inclusive and more sophisticated brand to drive growth and expansion in

The marketing consultant had been engaging with Piercefield Oliver staff and key clients in an attempt to capture the essence of what they do and how they are perceived. This data was then provided to us and we worked together to refine the positioning statement to become To help you achieve your life’s goals by thinking ahead today“, which accurately reflects their goal of working with clients to leverage their wealth in order to live the kind of life they’d like to.

As part of this process, several key values that sum up the company were identified, and we worked to graphically interweave this data into the rebrand, mapping the values to associated colours and creating an expanded brand palette to work with. These generic colours were then rationalised and refined to create a colour palette that could be used across all of their marketing communications in future.

The re-brand is currently being rolled out to a new website which we’re building and to their various social media channels.

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