Bendy Kate
Website Design

Creating further brand exposure and opening new revenue streams for a truly unique and innovative performer.

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The brief

We were pleased to be able to work with Internationally renowned Aerialist Bendy Kate on her new web site design and build. Bendy Kate is a unique and innovative performer specialising in pole, aerial, handbalancing and acrobatics. Since launching her pole career, she has won numerous titles and has an impressive resumé. She is the current World Pole Sport and Fitness Champion 2014, IPSF World Pole Sports Runner Up 2013 and UK Professional Pole Championships (Elite Champion) 2011, 2012 and 2013, as well as appearing on ITV as a contestant on Britain’s got Talent, mentoring ex pop singer Sinitta on Get Your Act Together and competing on Sky1’s Got to Dance.

Given the nature of the Bendy’s expertise, and the wonderful photography and video available – we decided to make the site design very image focussed, really helping to showcase Bendy’s skill set to its fullest, along with giving her the ability to sell merchandise, show videos and advertise Masterclasses and events/performances that she is involved with and the result is a lovely and striking site design with an enhanced shopping section for fans and students alike to purchase Bendy Kate branded products and drive new revenue streams for Kate.