Clifton Private Finance

A light touch rebrand and revamp of marketing collateral to realign with their target audience.


Clifton Private Finance




Graphic Design

Company Size

11-25 employees

The Challenge

The directors at Clifton Private Finance approached us to enhance their brand and marketing materials. Their internal efforts were falling short, causing a disconnect between their marketplace and the expectations of their high net worth and international clients. Despite the business’s positive growth, its expanding reach demanded marketing materials that exuded sophistication. This is where they sought our expertise. Our task was to conduct an audit of their current marketing materials and elevate their quality and impact while staying true to the essence of their existing brand, avoiding any drastic changes. Our approach focused on an evolutionary improvement to realign the brand with its audience rather than a complete revolution.

CPF brand palette

CPF Black


CPF Yellow


CPF Blue


CPF Stone


CPF Grey


The Solution

We initiated the process by providing a brief overview of the current branding issues and proposed minor adjustments to refine and enhance the overall look. Subsequently, we collaborated with the CPF team to review all their marketing materials and collateral. Although the existing items were not poor in quality, they lacked the premium appearance expected from a company offering bespoke financial solutions. Our primary focus was on revamping their Bridging Loans guide, recognising its significance as a key piece of collateral. By incorporating more of the yellow accent colour and employing bold typography, engaging imagery, and infographics, we effectively organised the information into easily understandable sections, simplifying the concept of bridging loans and highlighting their associated benefits. The result is a visually appealing, informative leave-behind for new clients, and its digital format serves as an engaging High-Value Content offer. Building on this success, we proceeded to update their case study sheets, business cards, and letterheads, ensuring that the majority of their customer touchpoints underwent a seamless evolution and upgrade.