Providing brand and design expertise to a market leader in conveyor systems.






Graphic Design

Company Size

25 – 50 Employees

targeted marketing collateral

The Challenge

Coveya has over 30 years experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying market-leading conveyor systems. Bob works closely with Coveya to create a range of branded materials to help support their sales and engage the marketplace. We initially worked on setting up a new visual style for Coveya’s printed literature after which we began to roll it out to sector-specific sales brochures, advertising, event materials and stands, parts guides, specification sheets and case studies. Always an innovative brand, Coveya also regularly ask Bob to create sub-brands for new products.

We were initially approached to work on their main corporate sales brochure. Coveya is an established brand with a well considered brand identity but their previous branded literature was falling short.

Coveya brand palette

Coveya Bright Red


Coveya Black


Coveya Dark Grey


Coveya Mid Grey


Coveya Light Grey


Bob Design are one of the best agencies Ive ever worked with. The quality of their design is superb as is their attention to detail, creativity and project management. They are continuing to provide a range of design and design advice and I would have no hesitation in recommending the agency to anyone.

Marketing Director, Coveya

The Solution

Bob helped to re-focus the design style for Coveya printed materials using the corporate brochures as a starting point. Coveya was delighted with this first project and we’ve since collaborated on a host of sales materials, including sector-specific sales brochures targeted at their various audiences in construction, recycling and manufacturing.

We now have the pleasure of regularly collaborating with the team at Coveya. We have worked on refreshing the Coveya logo, advertising campaigns, social media assets and events materials for trade shows, creating pop-up system graphics, roller banners and custom large-format pieces.