Enterprise M3
Graphic Design

Bob helped EM3 to achieve a positive a brand impact for their Annual Report on a limited budget.

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The brief

Enterprise M3 is a public/private partnership set up to support the creation of 200 new high growth companies, 8,000 additional jobs and £2bn of new export markets from businesses in the Enterprise M3 area (The Hampshire region). Enterprise M3 LEP drives the economic growth of the area by working with businesses, key delivery partners and central government, translating and signposting opportunities for business and other partners including funding. It brings people, business, public and not-for-profit sectors together to share insights and data, making Enterprise M3 ‘the’ place to do business.

Bob was asked to design and produce Enterprise M3’s annual report and local growth deal document. The documents needed to present the organisation’s work and vision through a combination of case studies, analysis and key facts and figures. The local growth deal also needed to engage a central government audience.

Bob developed a visual style for the Annual Report and played that through to the growth document, using a vibrant colour palette, photography and graphic icons. These eye-catching visuals increased reader engagement with what may otherwise have been a rather text-heavy Annual Report. Key facts and statistics were illustrated with bright iconography, highlighting important content and providing contrast with other information.

The Annual Report and supporting presentation materials were highly praised by the Enterprise M3 communications team and the target audience and created a marked increase in interest in their services across the local business community.