A new brand to help farmers and grassroots growers join the controlled environment agriculture revolution.






Website Design
Graphic Design
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Company Size

1-10 Employees

The Challenge

Farmbuildr is a tech start-up with the ambition to turn the UK government’s vision for controlled environment agriculture into a reality. The demand for controlled environment agriculture (CEA) is driven by the UK’s clean growth strategy and a government commitment to net zero carbon agriculture by 2050. The team of industry and tech experts behind the Farmbuildr concept identified that the Government have set a vision for CEA as the future but hasn’t joined the dots sufficiently to realise its potential. Farmbuildr’s key insight is instead of consolidating the UK’s CEA effort into a handful of large factories, why not harness the 1,000s of existing farmers or grassroots growers who can deliver the CEA future?

Bob was asked to create a brand to support the new Farmbuildr app. The team at Farmbuildr were embarking on developing an app that functions as a toolkit for the budding CEA farmer, putting the power in their hands to get started. Input what you want to grow and where you want to grow it and Farmbuildr will model all you need to know, from equipment to buy to how much energy you will use in your CEA enterprise. Farmbuildr allows you to compare draft projects and output a simple set of requirements to let the CEA grower hit the ground running.

Farmbuildr brand palette

Faarmbuildr Blue


Farmbuildr Pink


Frambuldr Grey


Farmbuldr Black


The Solution

We worked closely with the Farmbuildr team to deliver a bold look for the brand that eschews the obvious farming cliches – leaves, green colour palettes – instead of focussing the brand on the colours often used in indoor farming UV lighting setups. The logo reflects the data-driven nature of the app while we also suggested the concept of spelling Farmbuildr in a truncated form by removing the ‘e’ to create a more memorable brand name. We then set to work on the app, working with the tech team at Farmbuildr to design the UI for the app, giving consideration to how the user will navigate the process and what they expect and need at every step of their journey.