A brand united by innovation.

Innovation South is a consortium that embraces well over one hundred organisations spanning seven counties and its private and public sectors. It aims to be a powerhouse of world class strengths in digital enabling technologies – specialisms the south of England has in abundance.

Bob worked with their project management team to develop a new brand identity to position Innovation South as a major UK-wide influence in attracting investment and promoting innovation for the region.

A vehicle for regional ambitions.

The region Innovation South represents has a total economic output of over £225 billion – around 13.7% of the UK’s output and almost equivalent to the whole of Denmark’s. More than one in ten people in the UK live there and the region provides more than one in ten of the UK’s jobs.

Our challenge was to develop a brand identity that would be simple in its execution but embody a sense of innovation and technology. The brand would be the umbrella for so many disparate organisations we concentrated on typographical approaches with a conceptual element rather than attempt to depict one or other industries.

Our solution literally fused together the words ‘innovation’ and ‘south’ to give the impression of them intrinsically linked. A symbol often used to denote a power or ‘on’ switch was incorporated into the design and combined with a strap line, ‘Switching on our future’, communicating a collective sense of ambition and innovation. A secondary device was also developed that took inspiration from the stylised shape of the seven counties which make up Innovation South. This was used as a contrasting texture on stationery and as a design element of covers.

The brand was applied to corporate materials and supporting assets such as explanatory maps were created to bring the concept to the wider business community.

“We’ve work closely with Bob for a number of years and they once again provided brilliantly creative ideas with their usual care and commitment for our exciting new project.”

Strategic Communications & Project Manager, Enterprise M3