Institute of Financial Planning
Brand Development

Helping an institution to grow its membership base through rebranding to increase its appeal to young and female members.

The brief

Bob developed a new brand for IFP, a financial planning body. The re-brand formed part of a broader strategy to reposition the IFP as the first choice for financial planning professionals.

As part of the design process, Bob presented an analysis of the existing IFP brand against the organisation’s competitors. This information helped Bob ascertain what was and wasn’t working with regards to their existing brand and to create a focused set of creative responses that met the IFP’s brand aims and requirements moving forwards.

The final brand utilises a flexible interlinked circle device that represents the nature of the IFP’s work – bringing together members at events and strengthening opportunities for financial planning professionals. The brand was then adapted to work across a range of marketing materials, including brochures, folders, leaflets and exhibition stands. The sub-brands are clearly differentiated, with a series of colourways to unite the organisation’s various factions. An accompanying brand identity style guide ensures the brand is applied consistently in the future.

The new Brand identity style guide and marketing communications have enabled the IFP to effectively engage new members with a more modern face. The IFP has seen membership grow since the re-brand, with a notable increase among young and female members.

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