Piercefield Oliver

A re-brand for this Financial planning firm to help their clients to 'achieve their life goals by thinking ahead today'.


Piercefield Oliver


Financial Planning


Graphic Design
Social Media
Web Design

Company Size

5-10 Employees

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The Challenge

Formed in April 2014, after the merger of two businesses, the brand mark, although successful and recognisable in its own right, was in need of being brought into the 2020s. The business had reached a juncture where, although successful, the age profile of their clients was trending in the wrong direction and there was a need to try and broaden the appeal to a younger audience. There was a lot of fondness for the original brand mark and while the need for a facelift was recognised, we were tasked with preserving the essence of their branding but moving it on a step, giving it some more sophistication and gravitas and allowing them to better connect with the revised target audience.

Piercefield Oliver brand palette

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Piercefield Oliver re-brand

The Solution

The new brand we’ve created for Piercefield Oliver retains the core elements of the original, a modern take on the existing circular device with a P in it and the updated serif typography gives a more sophisticated feel but is still arranged similarly to the original. In conjunction with Stephen, Lou and the team, the Mission Statement and Brand values were updated and from there we spent time focussing on colour theory and perceptions to identify which colours best aligned with the core values and the revised target audience. All of this came together to create a new, refined visual identity and a widened colour palette to use to freshen up the marketing materials produced.

The original Piercefield Oliver website (which we created in 2015) had also reached the end of its life, and the task was to design and build something that was more user-centric, carried more information about the range of services available and allowed richer media such as video and podcasts to be brought to the fore to supplement the text content of the site. Calls to Action were improved and SEO campaigns created to involve more article writing and a focus on ranking well for the key services that they offer.

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