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The client

We work with large property developers such as Crest Nicholson, Redrow, Persimmon, Wain Homes along with the likes of smaller independent house builders, providing design support to them and their community consultants. We also help homebuilders to market their properties to the public once built.

The challenge

The aim is to utilise good clear design to help them better engage with the public in order to easily communicate development plans, gather feedback and then evolve development plans further until they gain planning consent. During the pandemic era, something that was done more face-to-face had to be adapted into something people could access in their own homes, and where our skills and expertise have been brought to bear.

The solution

The general process has been to create a brand for the development (if required) and then a microsite, outlining the plans for the land, and educating the public on what has been considered in order for the development to be of benefit to the wider community. At the same time, flyers are created for door drops to local residents, promoting the website. We create an online survey which is available through the website whereby residents can make comments.

If a public consultation is taking place, which post-pandemic, we are beginning to see a bit more of, we’ll create exhibition boards outlining the key aspects of the scheme for local residents to view.

The feedback is collated by the community consultants and fed back to the developer in order for them to evolve and refine their scheme in order to remove barriers and ultimately to gain planning consent.

When it comes to marketing properties for sale, we’ll create small websites featuring floorpans, features and information about the surrounding area for developers to use as a sales tool. This is often coupled with creating mailshots for local residents that might be thinking of moving and signage for the development as its being built.

Crest Nicholson

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Charterhouse Strategic Land

Charterhouse Land

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"The website looks great, on-brand, clear and explains the plans for our new development in easy-to-understand pieces. Thanks for making it such a pain-free process despite the really tight-turnaround"

Planner, Persimmon Homes Ltd

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