Salisbury Cathedral School
Brand Development

“Bob helped us create a consistent look across all our external communications. They are completely reliable, responsive and are also cost effective. We work so closely, they are just part of our team!”

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The brief

Salisbury Cathedral School is an independent day and boarding school for around 200 girls and boys aged from 3 to 13. Bob has a long-standing relationship with the school and was the obvious choice to implement the school’s re-brand. Salisbury has a long and rich history dating back to 1091. Any re-brand had to be sensitive to the past while giving the school a fresh new look appropriate for the 21st century.

The existing school identity was unconvincing in its execution and inconsistent in application. The new brand needed to deliver stronger communication materials that support the Salisbury Cathedral School brand values and resonate with its key audiences. The brand had to achieve consistency and a high level of quality across all communications mediums and ensure some synergy with the school’s visual identity.

Research showed Salisbury Cathedral School is renowned for its warmth and friendliness. In the focus groups, the word ‘love’ was mentioned many times. The caring environment at the school needed to be emphasised in order to differentiate it from competitors, while simultaneously underlining its progressive nature.

The new school brand introduced a series of copy concepts which encapsulated the school’s core values – ‘music and much more’, ‘nurture not pressure’, ‘a unique setting’ and ‘celebrating the individual’. These key concepts were combined with specially commissioned hero shots to illustrate each value. The four concepts are now used in the school’s advertising campaigns, ensuring key values are always represented.

The school logo was redesigned to make it easier to reproduce in printed materials, as well as improve the overall look of the school brand. A range of new colours were included in a comprehensive brand guidelines document which provides the school with the tools to ensure brand consistency and effectiveness.

The school brand has since been applied to various marketing collateral, including the school’s annual review, exhibition banners, minibus branding and a new website.