Business West

Business West launched at the start of a decade that was reinventing the future. Digitisation, globalisation and innovation became the language of business. The purpose of Business West is to help businesses of all sizes take advantage of the opportunities and address the problems created by this new world so they may successfully start, grow, export and innovate.

Over the past 12 years we’ve proud to say we have worked closely with Business West supplying graphic design input on a wide variety of tactical campaigns including brochures, Annual Reports, Training Prospectuses, Infographics as well as helping them to grow and develop the Business West brand and how it is used and perceived.

Making innovation happen.

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) helps ambitious businesses innovate and grow internationally. It provides expert advice and support for businesses looking to commercialise ideas and succeed in new markets. There are lots of exciting companies in the South West that fall under this criteria and we were asked to create a brochure that Business West’s Advisers could use to engage with those companies and show the support that they can access through EEN.

The brochure itself plays on a visual theme of children dreaming of what they want to be when they grow up, where the children are a visual metaphor for the companies as they grow. It showcases 6 main service offerings and how they can be accessed.

Extending your Global Reach.

Outside of London, the South West of England remains the only net contributor to the UK Treasury. The region’s business landscape is fiercely ambitious and diverse, boasting an innovative, creative, highly paid and skilled economy that is open to the world.

We were approached to create something bright and engaging to give out to Chinese partners (distributors, government clients etc.) that would illustrate what the South West is as a region. It was produced in both English and Chinese Language versions as part of the Extend your Global Reach campaign to promote links between China and the South West and firmly establish the South West as a key international player. It utilises a die cut suspension bridge shape through which images of the various treasures of the South West show through, as well as an infographic map showing the pre-existing links between China and the South West.

UKTI Medium Sized Business Programme.

We worked with UKTI South West to design and produce the first edition of the Medium Sized Business (MSB) e-Book. UKTI in the South West are currently advising and supporting approximately 180 medium sized businesses and we created a profile of each member company detailing their service offering, their operating sector and the sectors they supply into.

The aim of the e-book is for UKTI’s International Trade Advisers to use it as a discussion point when meeting with potential buyers/businesses in their market. Making it easier to quickly profile suitable trading partners and have their contact details at their fingertips.

The e-book was a great success for the MSB members, yielding significant assists and business wins, as well as helping the UKTI to swell membership of the MSB by 145% in just 5 months.

Exports. Explained

Did you know that one of the many benefits of being a Business West member is that they have an award winning team of over 70 trade experts who successfully certify, legalise, sign and issue over 35,000 documents a year? For those that are exporting goods from the UK its an invaluable service that ensures your shipments are in the hands of the export experts.

To promote this service and its features, we were tasked to come up with a design for a flexible brochure that could be easily updated (as export laws are subject to many subtle changes). Our design borrowed elements of a passport combined with arrow elements that reflect the movement of goods. Bright colours are used to differentiate the various offerings and the updatable element is addressed by the screw fixing which enables sheets to be updated and replaced.

Brand Guidelines

In order to more effectively communicate with their members, Business West asked us to help streamline their various brands into one coherent brand identity. We undertook some brand development work to help create three distinct areas. Business West was to become the brand focus, with the Chamber of Commerce and member logos becoming ‘sub-brands’.  The main Business West brandmark contains two triangles – a dark blue triangle and a bright blue triangle. The dark blue triangle depicts the Southwest of England. The bright blue triangle depicts the Bristol-Swindon-Gloucester triangle, which is the economic hub of the Southwest. This element remains throughout all three identities to provide brand cohesion, with the wordmark changing to represent the chamber or chamber member logos.

We produced a 28-page brand guidelines document to explain how the brand should be applied. The document specifies typefaces and colour and provides examples of proper and improper usage. The brand guidelines document can be used in-house and given to any external agencies to ensure a consistent look and feel of branded materials.

“Bob are a pleasure to work with. Nothing is ever too much trouble and no deadline is too tight. They make the complex easier to understand through good design and they always seem to go that extra mile with enduring good humour.”


Head of Marketing, Business West