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The client

London Business School’s academic strength and global outlook drives original and provocative business thinking. Their vision is to have a profound impact on the way the world does business. The School is consistently ranked in the global top 10 for its programmes and is widely acknowledged as a centre for outstanding research and has more than 44,000 alumni, from over 150 countries, which provide a wealth of knowledge, business experience and worldwide networking opportunities. London Business School’s 157 academics come from more than 30 countries and cover seven subject areas: accounting; economics; finance; management science and operations; marketing; organisational behaviour; and strategy and entrepreneurship.

The challenge

We were asked to create a brand for a series of events being staged for students, alumni and the public who are new to the entrepreneurship space. They can listen to talks from various experts, partake in a bit of networking and can feel comfortable having a good time with drinks and friends. They want people to look forward to the next event. This branding would need to instantly stand out and grab people’s attention – the brief was to make it bright, dynamic and exciting.

The solution

We created a new visual identity for Springboard. The brandmark is a play on words with the letter ‘A’ springing up in the air and bringing an element of movement and dynamism that reflects the fast-paced and ever-changing world of entrepreneurship and business. The use of bold, modern typography and bright colours such as warm pinks and purples allied with more traditional blue create a fun design language that translates into a brand that is professional, approachable, inspiring and innovative. We also created a repeatable graphic design system whereby there are brand assets such as the dynamic background and Springboard arrow which can be utilised within print and online layouts to deliver a unified design language that is unmistakenly springboard. The branding is currently being rolled out to a new website, event posters, social media posts and branded merchandise.

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