Strawberry Property
Brand Development

Creating a sophisticated brand presence to set Strawberry Property aside in a highly competitive market and help them to dramatically increase their rental income.

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The brief

Strawberry Property are a fairly new property development company based here  in Bristol. They strive to create high class accommodation with loving care and a pinch of heart and soul. The emphasis here is local and independent. The owners live in and love Bristol and have a passion for doing simple things well, and paying attention to the small and finer details.

They approached us after a recommendation (as so many of our clients do) and tasked us with helping them to rebrand to create a presence in their crowded marketplace with more gravitas and sophistication. As they like to feel that their properties give their tenants not only a beautiful home but also a lifestyle their new brand needed to move on from its looser origins to be tightened up and tap into that nice lifestyle that their properties can help to provide. We decided that the best approach would be to stylise the strawberry icon that forms part of the new logo in order to move it away from the fruit and veg kind of visual and into a more premium and abstract space – the strawberry is now abstracted and made from a series of red dots with a green one on top. From there we added some nice clean typography and voila a brand to really help the business move forward.

The next step was to take this new brand and move it into the digital arena with a completely new website. The new web design offers many more features to prospective tenants searching for a room to rent. There is a comprehensive property search by postcode or area, lots of photography of the buildings and rooms and detailed descriptions of the local amenities and surrounding areas. For people looking to move to Bristol from other cities there is a useful guide to the city of Bristol and its different areas, as well as a log in area where they can view all of the documents pertaining to their lease in one easy place.

As Strawberry also work with property investors as well as mentoring people to become developers in their own right the new web design also needed to appeal to that audience too. A separate section for these holds case studies of projects, describing the process and showing the beginning and end in photos. There are also a news section with useful articles on topics such as stamp duty etc.

Since launch the much improved web design and customer experience has helped fill the vacant properties faster and reduced admin for the team which has freed up their time to work on growing the business even more by finding more great properties to add to their portfolio.


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