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Swindon, Wiltshire


  • Religion

Company Size

  • 51-200 employees


  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media
  • Web Design

The client

Working in over 200 countries, Bible Society is a charity on a global mission to bring the Bible to life for every man, woman and child. Bob Design & Marketing works with Bible Society on regular campaigns, brand development and corporate communications to help them bring the Bible to the world.

The challenge

Bible Society asked us to help realise their aim to bring the Bible to more people around the world with a print campaign to engage major donors. We were to highlight issues in China, the Middle East, Africa and also back home in the UK, with ‘region-specific’ packs allowing the conversations to be tailored to each individual’s specific area of prime concern.

The solution

We designed a series of information packs to support face to face conversations, explaining how a donation can help get the Bible to people in different parts of the world whether access is compromised by poverty, conflict or repression. Each pack, individually designed with suitable colour palettes and graphic elements, consists of a handy A5-sized folder with infographics and key facts, a set of tabbed inserts explaining Bible Society’s vision for the region and actual case studies showing tangible results from previous donations. A covering letter from the CEO of the Bible Society provides a personalised touch.

Mary Jones World Cafe Brand Identity

A fresh and appealing new brand for Bible Society’s Mary Jones World café. Mary Jones World is on the edge of the Snowdonia national park in Bala, Wales. Based in an old, converted church it tells the story of how young Mary travelled many miles on bare feet to buy Bibles in her native language. Her story sowed the seed for what was to become the Bible Society. The Bible Society’s vision is to engage the local community as well as providing high quality, locally-sourced food and drinks for visitors to the attraction. The space will in time host events, community gatherings and musical events. Bob was tasked with creating a brand identity for the new venture and took inspiration for the brand from the stunning lakeside location.

Bible Society Annual Report

As part of our continuing relationship with Bible Society we worked on their annual review, presenting their report of the year in projects, achievements, challenges and finances. We worked with Bible Society guidelines in mind to present the information in a straightforward and simple manner to reflect the un-showy work Bible Society sets out to do each year.

"The thing I love about Bob is their creative bandwidth, lightning speed and a client focus that’s second to none."

Brand and Marketing Manager, The Bible Society

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