The Education Fellowship
Graphic Design

“Bob refreshed our branding and produced high quality designs for our marketing collateral and internal comms. They’re full of ideas, nothing is too much trouble and they really look after their clients.”

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The brief

The Education Fellowship was established in 2012 to deliver outstanding education to children of different backgrounds. The organisation currently comprises four senior academy schools and nine primary schools. The fellowship was founded on the principle of co-ownership and working together to take each school on a journey towards excellence.

Due to Bob’s enviable track record in the education sector, we were asked to improve the Education Fellowship’s branding and develop future marketing campaigns and collateral. The existing branding needed a redesign, so Bob presented a subtle brand reworking which incorporated the fellowship’s new strap line. Bob also developed a new visual style which provided a cleaner fresher approach to their prospectus design.

Bob has since helped to deliver various marketing campaigns to promote the Education Fellowship’s values and school initiatives. The campaigns have included prospectus design, poster campaigns and exhibition materials. Bob was also asked to undertake an audit of 13 school brands to ensure logos and any brand assets were in the correct file formats and attained necessary standards. The audit involved liaising with each school to collate existing brand files and recreate logos and brand elements where necessary to ensure every establishment had the tools for day-to-day brand implementation.

Bob currently manages marketing materials for thirteen school sites spread across the South and Midlands. We’ve provided prospectus design for many of those schools utilising school crest and colours to differentiate and make them individual to the school whilst retaining an overall Education Fellowship style to tie everything together under the fellowship’s umbrella.