The Footstool Workshop




  • Retail
  • Furniture

Company Size

  • 11-25 employees


  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media
  • Web Design
  • Advertising
  • Digital Assets

The client

Based in Wales, The Footstool Workshop is a sister brand from the team behind The Headboard Workshop. The Footstool Workshop sells a wide range of products based on an extensive series of customisable options. Customers can choose from seven different designs in a range of sizes with over 150 fabrics & 30 leg styles.

The challenge

The team at The Footstool Workshop approached Bob to create a characterful new identity to help elevate the brand to a level more in line with the premium positioning of the sister company, The Headboard Workshop. Having previously designed The Headboard Workshop brand, our challenge was to create an equally engaging look based on a suitable character. The collective decision was to create a hedgehog-based character, imbued with the spirit and personality of the sheep from the headboard workshop brand.

The solution

The collective decision was to base the brand around a hedgehog persona, imbued with the brand values of customer care, helpfulness, fastidiousness and patience. We explored a range of visual approaches for how the hedgehog character may be represented but it was eventually decided to build synergy between the footstool and headboard brands and the character was designed to work in harmony with the sister enterprise. The new hedgehog character was named Harriet and we began to look into applying the new look and feel. We worked closely with the Footstool Workshop team to design the website UI. We created a swatch mailer, which elevated the customer experience when receiving their fabric samples, press advertisements and social media assets.

Creating an engaging brand personality

The small, close knit team at The Footstool Worship prides itself on their exceedingly high level of customer care as well as the superb quality of the footstools they make. We needed to reflect these values with a brand identity that was bursting with personality. The character we created, Harriet the Hedgehog, is a fun and engaging presence throughout the brand experience, popping up on each step of the customer journey to signpost, guide, prompt or highlight. The Harriet character is adaptable to allow the brand to speak to the customer in a fun, friendly way about all aspects of the process. To help realise this potential, we have created a series of brand assets with the Harriet character engaged in sports, picnics and even roller skating to bring the brand messaging to life in a novel way.

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