The Headboard Workshop
Brand Development

“Since 2011 we’ve found bob to be extremely professional and totally reliable, producing original work of a consistently high standard. We would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them.”

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The brief

The Headboard Workshop is an online bedroom soft furnishing business from the team behind Sofa Workshop Direct started in 2011. Working with the team from the company’s inception, the brief for their new brand development was that the Headboard Workshop needed a fun and quirky brand that would appeal to the busy and cost-conscious ABC1 housewife. The brand would be applied to a new website design, as well as graphic design for a variety of other marketing materials.

Sheep are synonymous with sleep, so were a natural choice for the logo. Bob’s illustrative approach gave the logo a quirky feel and ensured the brand could be applied in different and humorous ways. The combination of handwritten-style fonts in heritage colours was distinctive and provided a contemporary feel. Headboard Workshop’s re-brand has been universally praised by customers and proved instrumental in attracting new customers from the company’s target market.

Alongside the new branding, the Headboard Workshop needed a branded pack that could be used to send fabric samples to potential customers. The team had previously been sending samples in a plain envelope which did not create a professional impression or communicate useful information.Bob designed a swatch folder that would be used to up-sell, as well as reinforce the quality of Headboard Workshop’s products. Swatches are now sent in the branded folder which includes a small brochure, as well as information about the ordering and fulfillment processes. The swatch folders have helped increase Headboard Workshop’s sales conversion rates, creating a smart and polished impression and conveying useful information about the ordering process.

We’ve also worked with the Headboard Workshop team to apply branding we had created for Headboard Workshop to an e-commerce website. The illustrative sheep logo is quirky and versatile and is used in a variety of humorous ways throughout the website to create consistency and interest. The website is the main sales channel for Headboard Workshop, so it needed to showcase the retailer’s high quality products, as well as reinforce the brand values of excellence, luxury and distinction. A carousel of images on the home page displays Headboard Workshop’s products to their best advantage. The website quickly directs the customer to the various purchasing options, from off-the-shelf collections and current offers to bespoke products, ensuring swift navigation and encouraging sales. Headboard Workshop has enjoyed huge success since the website launch and the company is currently doubling revenue month-on-month.

Bob also designs advertising artwork for Headboard Workshop. This artwork has appeared in a variety of national magazines and newspaper supplements, including Homes and Gardens and Good Housekeeping.