Chippenham, Wiltshire


  • Children’s play equipment
  • Manufacturing
  • Design

Company Size

  • 11-25 employees


  • Branding
  • Graphic Design

The client

Since 2002, Tigerplay has grown into one of the industry’s most forward-thinking children’s play equipment suppliers with a worldwide portfolio of bespoke indoor soft play areas. They’re a small team that packs a big punch, with over 80 years of combined experience and a passion for play that transcends through everything they do. No indoor play project is too big or small and they thrive on the challenge of creating new and inspiring soft play areas; offering a full design, manufacture and installation service. From bespoke commercial soft play equipment to private soft play for the home; they have worked with large corporate clients, small independents and charities and are constantly exploring the different approaches to indoor soft play equipment and are continuously researching, learning new ideas and adopting new techniques.

The challenge

Over time, the offering provided by Tigerplay had vastly changed, from humble origins making generic soft play spaces in cheap plastic materials to its current position as a provider of high-end custom spaces utilising sustainable materials to a wealthy worldwide clientele. We were tasked by Tigerplay to make the brand more sophisticated and grown-up while trying to retain the essence of the original brand.

The brief for the new brochure was simple, as their reputation was spreading, the profile of clients that Tigerplay were getting was evolving. When meeting with these new clients to discuss their requirements for their play space, it made sense to be able to call on a lovely brochure to showcase the fantastic work they do, and to act as a lovely, tactile leave behind. Almost like a coffee table book, something clients would be proud to show around.

The solution

We stripped the brand back to its core and started again. The paw print was retained but re-imagined to be slightly less cartoonish and positioned to the left of the wordmark rather than above it, creating a much more useable brandmark for an increasingly digital world. The font was retained, with the wordmark being redrawn and tidied up with a few tweaks to enhance legibility and capitalise the name. The garish green outline was consigned to the history books and the resulting simplified brandmark now sits much more hand in hand with Tigerplay’s altered positioning in the marketplace.

For the brochure, Tigerplay are always very diligent in sending professional photographers to photograph new installations, so we were able to sit down with the guys and go through the archive cherry-picking the most relevant and fun projects to use in the brochure. We chose luxurious materials, beautiful Colourplan Mandarin board for the covers and made use of clear and white foils to the cover, finishing touches to elevate the brochure above the ordinary, and leave a lasting impression of quality that echoes the play spaces that Tigerplay create.

Tigerplay Lookbook cover
Tigerplay Lookbook intro
Tigerplay Lookbook spread 1
Tigerplay Lookbook spread 2

"The updated brand has had a marked effect on the business. The updated brand has really helped us engage a more sophisticated audience and the brochures have been a big help in visualising the quality of the work we do and helping us to land new clients."

Special Projects Manager, Tigerplay

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