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Bob helped UKTI gain a 145% increase in subscribers to their Medium Size Business Programme within 5 months.

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The brief

We were approached by UKTI to create a Sales Brochure/Directory of all Medium Sized Businesses in the South West. The key objective was to enhance the profile of medium sized businesses in the South West and ensure they are considered when high value opportunities are identified world wide, thus opening up new export markets to them. As this was the first directory or sales brochure of any kind produced by UKTI they were understandably keen to ensure it looked impactful, very professional and remained on brand. Each business would have their own page outlining their company, what they do, the sectors they working in and full contact details.

To satisfy the brief, the directory design took the form of interactive page flip e-book directory that allows for a double page spread profile of each company, one page of image, showcasing their products or services and one page for their key information such as descriptive text about their product or service offering, key contact details and information on which countries worldwide they are able to export to.

The flip book has been used as an internal document in two ways. Firstly, for it’s original purpose, which is to send to contacts all over the world to inform them of the collection of large businesses we have in the South West. The feedback that UKTI Southwest have had from their UKTI colleagues overseas has been very good; it’s what they have been waiting for for a long time and would like HQ to roll this out nationally. The directory has been useful in recruiting more companies to UKTI’s Medium Sized Business programme. Though the directory, UKTI have been able to support more companies and give them a marketing tool with which to show their business overseas. Since its launch with bob to over 140 profiles (May 2016) and the project continues to grow and be pushed out to contacts worldwide. The benefits of the flip book approach is that UKTI were able to uploaded to a server and send potentially interested parties a link to view online from anywhere in the world without sending large email attachments.


“I want to congratulate you and your team on this directory. This is something that we as UKTI Ireland (and I know other overseas posts also) have been yearning for some time.”
UKTI Ireland


“The directory is excellent, the first of its kind I’ve seen.”
UKTI Spain


“We had a delegation of Iraqi business people visit Leigh Court on Friday, and they all received a USB stick with the eBook on.”
UKTI South West