The University of Bath is a premier education provider, recently ranking as 5th best University in the UK in the Guardian’s University Guide 2018. The CSCT (Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies) is held in high regard by both students and industry partners (such as GSK, Unilever, Airbus and Sharp among others) and already has around 7 applications for every place available.

A new website for the CSCT

We were delighted when the team at CSCT asked us to produce a website for the department which would truly showcase the best that the course has to offer. After sitting with the team and planning the structure and content, we began the design process, being careful to ensure the style is in keeping with the new sites being developed for the university as a whole.

The site features a comprehensive explanation, both in video and text form, of what the course has to offer in terms of content and types of research undertaken. It takes visitors through the application process, as well as offering useful profiles of the students and academics both past and present and what they’ve achieved. Data capture and a sense of community feature heavily within the site, the relationship between the students, the university and their industrial partners comes across really well and the integrated social media, blog and news feeds intertwine to really keep visitors up to speed with what is actually happening there on a day to day basis.

A richly visual brochure, using infographics to illustrate the CSCT’s interdisciplinary research.

Having spotted bob’s expertise in creating beautiful brochures with rich infographics, the university approached us to create a brochure to promote their renowned CSCT centre and to showcase their cutting-edge research to both students and potential industrial partners. Our initial research started with a visit to the CSCT to gain an understanding of the facilities available. The marketing team were clear on their vision of  trying to visually represent the interweaving of the disciplines, and we were tasked with creating infographics that visually resembled molecules and molecular structures, creating a visual metaphor with the course structures and research avenues available.

In order to create content that would be of value and interest to both students and industrial partners alike, the decision was taken to feature several case studies, showcasing the interesting and varied research that takes place at the CSCT – things like developing sustainable routes to medicine and food, and developing new sustainable plastics for instance. The CSCT brochure places a huge emphasis on what they call 'Outreach and Public Activities' - ensuring the centre doesnt exist in a vaccuum. Throughout the year students are encouraged to put on events and workshops within the community as well as collaborating with various industrial partners to promote excellence and cutting edge research.

"Bob listened to our brief, advised where needed and created something visually striking and individual to the CSCT while adhering to the very strict brand guidelines of the university  we’re delighted!"

Communications Co-ordinator, Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CSCT)
University of Bath

10th Anniversary Showcase

2018’s Summer Showcase celebrated 10 years since the establishment of the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies. The event brought together over 200 academics, doctoral researchers and our industrial and international partners from around the world. Part of the event was a special dinner reception, and for this we were commissioned to create a huge graphic illustrating the 10-year timeline and highlighting the notable events, achievements, prizes and awards along the way that has made the CSCT so successful.

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