Wilton provides a personal and fully integrated range of advisory services to corporates, entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals and their families. Having been impressed with the work we'd been doing for one of their subsidiary companies - Hartley Pensions, Wilton approached us to help rationalise the brands of the companies and bring the design style together to give a consistent feel for the larger group, based on the style we'd created for Hartley.

Branding?... We literally wrote the book on it...

When we first met Wilton, the brand was already in place, but wasn't being managed or sued consistently across the organisation. It's a common problem we see time and time again in various organisations. Different teams were directly producing their own material, the result being a very disjointed public facing appearance, where logos, colours fonts and consistency had gone out of the window.

We worked with the new marketing department to create and implement a set of brand guidelines to ensure consistency in all digital and printed marketing communications moving forwards. We produced a comprehensive 80 page book, covering the brandmark, sub-brands, fonts, colours, icons and assets, application to backgrounds and improper usage, as well as guidance on a suitable style of photography. We also included guidance on how to use the brand in stationery, e-mail signatures and social media. This provided a document for the marketing team to use as their brand bible in all communications created internally at Wilton and ensure a professional standard throughout.

A comprehensive new website

When a company offers such a wide and diverse range of services and financial products, its hard to keep track of it all, let alone communicate it well to potential clients. Wilton asked us to create a new website for them that to coin part of Harltey's catch phrase - "made wealth management simple".

Having consulted with the marketing department as to how we make the user experience a compelling one, we decided to compartmentalise the offering into three main categories: Professional Services, Investments and Pensions. Each of these covers several broad areas and the navigation is designed to get you to your desired content in 3 clicks and features a call to action mechanism in most cases whereby they can speak to a specialist at Wilton for further information.

The site acts as a vehicle for Wilton to showcase investment they’ve procured for their clients and to advertise any new investment opportunities they might be involved with to potential investors. It also has an informative blog that covers a wide gamut of financial news and useful information along with a section to advertise any potential job opportunities they might have within the various Wilton offices.

"The brand books look great. It'll be a godsend having such a useful tool here in the office to refer to."

Marketing Manager, Wilton Group

Office fit out

As they were impressed with the work we'd done on the branding, we were asked to get involved in bringing some of that and look and feel of the literature into the new office in Bristol.

We created 3-Dimensional perspex signage for the reception area, branded frosting to add some privacy to the meeting rooms while still allowing natural light in along with large stretched fabric graphics to cover entire walls and large canvas prints to emphasis the core services of the business. Coupled with some excellent furniture choices by the Wilton team the resulting office space looks spot on.

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