In the digital age printed materials are often dismissed in favour of real-time communication. Yet digital and print work really well together. To prove it we are busting the myths that suggest print is outdated, giving you tips on how to promote your brand in hard copy.


Myth 1 – People don’t want hard copies anymore

Printed materials did suffer a setback when digital became the new shiny toy, and brochures, leaflets and posters were thrown into a dark cupboard. However just like the vinyl resurgence, as the crowd focused on digital, people started to notice printed material like never before. Just like the great physical presence of a record, the fact that it is rare to pick up a brochure or receive mail in the post makes it all the more desirable. This is why it is the ideal time to use vibrant graphic design to promote your brand with print.

Myth 2 – I can’t measure my printed materials

It is true that we are spoilt with digital communication. The ability to track the customer journey gives great insight and evidence of a return on investment. However, the idea that spending on print is throwing money into a black hole is no longer the case. This is where online and offline work their magic together. To effectively measure printed material, a strong call to action is a must.

The brochure, leaflet or direct mail piece should act as a signpost to send recipients online. The link and destination page can be tracked to determine the amount of interest generated by the printed material. The same works in reverse, a website visitor is given the option to request a hardcopy brochure or pack by giving their details in an online form. Either way, by combining the two it becomes feasible to measure success.

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