As part of our ongoing work with London Business School, we were tasked with designing and building a new website for their TEDx talks. Every year, the LBS students pick a theme and put on a TEDx branded event with a series of speakers talking around and exploring some of the most interesting and intriguing areas related to that topic. To record past events and the content created, as well as to promote future events, we were asked to create a website that would showcase the events, the speakers and the video content of their talks.

The website needed to be sympathetic to the TEDx brand guidelines, rather than being overtly LBS branded. The brief was that it needed to be easy to update for the students as they’d be managing it themselves. The site features front-end and back-end editors allowing great flexibility for students to make changes. It doesn’t matter whether they are familiar with WordPress or have no experience in coding at all.

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