A direct mail campaign that gained new clients and great returns for this local upholstery company

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The brief

The team at South West Upholstery had identified some niche markets that they’d like to gain more traction in and that now was the time to strike due to seasonal downtimes within that industry. They decided that they would buy in some mailing data and produce a mailshot that would be tailored to each of these disparate audiences specifically, detailing how their services could be beneficial to them. They now needed someone to design the campaign concept and structure and to create the mailing pack ready to hand over to their mailing house for fulfilment. They turned to Bob and were delighted with the result.

The response

As this was to be a cold mail shot to companies in the Southwest region that probably wouldn’t have heard of SWU the mail pack had to serve several purposes. It needed to be memorable and create an instant wow factor and have enough standout that the recipient would want to open the package to see the contents. It also needed to establish SWU’s expertise and credibility to an audience that didn’t know anything about them. And finally, it needed to talk in the client’s language to show how they understand the pain points specific to their industry and can alleviate those pain points with solutions to their problems. Lastly it required a strong call to action to elicit the correct response.

As budgets were fairly tight with this, we wanted to create something with dual purpose that would have longevity. We designed a beautiful brochure telling the story of SWU and its growth from humble beginnings in the garden shed to a good sized local businesses with 2 shops and a factory in Bristol. The brochure also featured some general case studies, detailed the benefits that SWU can offer, along with their processes and services they offer. This brochure has a second function of being a sales brochure in their shops. To get specific to the industries they’d identified we created a double sided flyer which talked specifically about the services that SWU provide for those industries in a benefits-focussed manner. These two were wrapped in a beautiful and striking outer envelope which featured a luxurious fabric pattern and the SWU branding. The outer envelope is tactile and begs to be opened and the strong messaging inside lays out a compelling story as to why SWU are the right company for their upholstery requirements.

The benefits

The mail pack was a great success. The response rates were good, and coupled with a telephone call follow up, drove a spike in interest and sales as well as potential leads for subsequent years in companies that could see the benefits but didn’t have an immediate requirement. The campaign generated good return on Investment and represented great value for money for the client who were understandably delighted.

“Bob reacted quickly and expertly to our enquiry, helping us to plan and launch a mail campaign within very tight time constraints which enabled us to get our message to the desired audience at a crucial time of year when those kind of purchasing decisions are being made. The packs looked great, delivered a value for money solution that was on-budget and achieved a high level of standout and generated a pleasing amount of new business".

Managing Director, South West Upholstery

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