Innocent is a fantastic example of branding done well. They have a wonderful personality, which comes through in the branding, copywriting, design and overall feel.

Next time you are in the supermarket, pick up an innocent smoothie and have a read of the packaging. Their copywriting style is delightfully engaging, cheerful and spontaneous. They are having fun with every aspect of the labels, even the ‘boring stuff’. They have completely thrown out the rule book, shunning the usually stuffy corporate language that most brands of their size tend to use and opting for this honest, simple approach, leaving their customer feeling at ease with a fun and light hearted overall tone.

The great thing is that they constantly update their packaging with new ideas and comical statements. This keeps the brand engaging and fun, keeping their customers coming back for more. The trick being that they engage on a personal level and give the impression that they care greatly about the wellbeing of their customers. They always keep the individual in mind, keeping the conversations going on social networks and including people in everything they do. A great example of this is The Big Knit.

The big knit
The Big Knit has been an incredibly successful marketing campaign. Innocent teamed up with Age Uk to raise money for the charity with the slogan “making winter warmer for old people”. The idea is that people like you and me can knit these little hats for smoothie bottles. Here is a handy little video explaining it all. For every bottle sold with a woolly hat, innocent makes a donation to Age Uk. What a fun idea! There is a great gallery on their website called ‘Hats amazing’, which showcases some of the extraordinary hats that have been sent to them. This is a great way to continue the public engagement. Combining their product with a charitable cause is clever, fun, and powerful and it ultimately leaves you with a grin on your face.

15th Anniversary Golden Bottles
To celebrate their 15th anniversary Innocent launched their ‘Golden Bottles’ range, each sporting packaging designed especially by a few fantastic designers. This is a widely used concept that has been displayed across a range of markets from footwear and clothing to phones and cars. It is another prime example of keeping the brand fresh and new.

Shared values and caring
They have thought of their brand from every angle. They make every effort to achieve sustainability, which adds to their reputation as a caring and responsible company, which is a great ethos to portray.

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