Considering responsive website design in order to best cater for people viewing the new site from any device – desktop, tablet or mobile.

There are officially more mobile phones than people in the UK with smartphone sales over-taking PC sales in 2011. Over 50% of UK mobile users regularly browse the internet from their mobile devices according to the Office of National Statistics (Aug 2011). Tablet usage is also experiencing rapid growth and it’s predicted that tablet sales with over-take PC sales within 3 years.

Responsive website design displays differently when viewed on a desktop computer, a tablet or a smart phone. This means a single website can be developed that dynamically serves all devices and screen-sizes. A single website will serve all devices and display appropriately for your visitors. It also reduces the administration of a website as updates only need to be made to a single site rather than to multiple sites (E.g. a full-sized website and a mobile website). While developing a responsive website is a larger up-front investment than a conventional website, it is cost-effective when compared to the additional development and maintenance of a separate mobile website or native smartphone/tablet app.

Food for thought? We’ll be offering the option of responsive design to all of our customers from now on, if its something you’re interested in, either for your existing site or as part of a redesign, why not come and talk to bob?

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