SAERI is an internationally recognised research institute, delivering world-class environmental research from the Falkland Islands that informs the effective stewardship of our planet.

We have worked with SAERI for a number of years and produced their annual reports in that time. Their latest report has recently been published after collaboration with the SAERI team over the past few months. This report is an important showcase for the Institute, not least because it falls on its 10th anniversary. The report focusses on scientific projects over the past twelve months, academic reviews of PhD work and papers, conferences and workshops as well as the usual financial review. The report is a wonderful opportunity for the Institute to feature the wealth of stunning natural landscape, marine and wildlife photography the project teams capture throughout the year, from glacial South Atlantic seas to marine life in the likes of the Turks and Caicos Islands. It’s always a real pleasure to put this report together.

The report is now being distributed to SAERI members and other stakeholders in locations across the globe to help highlight the world-class science undertaken by SAERI.

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