Spring has just come a-knocking and Easter is just around the corner, which means your marketing campaigns for a weekend of chocolate-munching should already be underway. No? Fear not! Here are seven fool-proof ways to make any holiday or seasonal event work for you.

1. Holidise your logo. Add a little seasonal flair to your logo with appropriate imagery in the run up to a holiday – be it a Santa hat at Christmas or some spring daffies sprouting from the top at this time of year. This will add some fun to your site, as well as show that you are current and potentially have relevant offers.

2. Gift receipts. Other halves don’t always like your gifts, even if they pretend to. Make a big deal out of gift receipts in the run up to the big day so that wary buyers are encouraged to come to you. This also means that the giftee won’t see exactly how much you spent (effort you put in) to spoiling them.

3. Offer a gift-wrap service. Although a potentially time-consuming commitment, offering something that takes the effort out of gift-giving is always well received! Budget in for the extra cost and make sure you can cope with the demand before offering!

4. Email marketing. It’s likely that holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day will skip the minds of many people. Send a quick nudge to your mailing list to let them know that you are at hand for quick delivery and perfect presents. Remember to include product images to increase sales!

5. Custom messaging. Offering a seasonal promotion where you customers can include a free custom message will add an extra touch to their gifts and your sales. If feasible, hand-write the message so that there is a more personal touch.

6. Get personal. Social, social, social! Scream it from the rooftops and let the world know that you’re here to help during holidays and events. Be cutesy, be funny, do anything to get the attention of your audience.

7. Seasonalise your product descriptions. Who said romance is dead? Bring the gift of love to your product descriptions by adding phrases like, “Show your better half how much you care this February 14th…” or “It must be Christmas! 20% off!” Whether you go for soppy adjectives or satire, make sure you know who your customers are! Not sure how to tackle the big bad world of copywriting? Click here to find out how bob can help.

or alternatively… Host a no-holiday zone. If you know your audience well, make it clear that your site is a “holiday-free zone” for the whole of Easter, Valentines or even Christmas. Post appropriate content on your social accounts, such as healthy chocolate alternatives or a strict no-cupid area and stay away from all of the above!

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