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Inspiring Infographics

Tired of the same old pie charts and bar graphs? Bring your data to life with an infographic by bob.

We all know the old phrase ‘a picture paints a thousand words’. That might be debatable, but there’s no doubt an infographic paints a picture with your data, transforming it into visually stimulating content your clients will gladly read. After all, research shows that people remember twice as much about content represented as a combination of pictures and numbers compared to information viewed in its raw form.

And it’s not just on the printed page. Brands have very little time to make an impression online and visual content like infographics is 40% more likely to be shared on social media. If you have a blog to maintain infographics will maximise dwell time on your website, thereby assisting your SEO campaign. Or if you have a digital marketing campaign in mind, infographic content will boost social media shares ensuring your brand is seen by more potential customers.

If your annual report, brochure or blog content is looking a bit stale, Bob’s expert infographic designers can ensure your clients and stakeholders easily visualise, engage and share your data. Why not talk to bob today about how infographics can help improve your marketing strategy?

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Get your infographic quote today

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