When it comes to copywriting, many organisations struggle to get the tone right. Copy for web and literature is often completed in house by various employees which can lead to inconsistency in style and tone. Even if employees are working to a style guide, discrepancies can occur due to differing interpretation, individual voice and writing ability.

In-house employees undoubtedly know their organisation’s products and services, but that does not mean they know how best to sell them. When asked to write copy, many employees get caught up describing the products or services with little reference to how they can benefit the customer.

Good copy is concise, engaging and sells the benefits. A skilled copywriter will write powerful sales messages to a target audience in a focused manner. So, if your web copy is up for review or you are considering some new sales literature, here are a few tips to help you get the copy right:

Find your voice

The tone of the copy must represent your brand and values. For example, the light humorous tone employed by an up-and-coming clothing company would not be appropriate for a firm of solicitors. Consider your target market and the type of voice they will respond to. Consistent tone is as important to your brand as a consistent use of your logo.

Write for your target audience

When you have settled on an appropriate style, you must tell your customers how your products/services will benefit them. Identify the key needs of your target market and how your products/services satisfy them. Decide which points are most important and order the copy accordingly. If you can demonstrate an understanding of customer needs and create a desire for your products/services, you will engage your target audience and increase sales.

Avoid jargon

When you know a lot about a products/services, your first instinct is to try to showcase that knowledge. However, you must write to express, not to impress. Technical jargon will not wow your target audience, instead it will bore and alienate. Opt for simple language, short paragraphs and a modest word count. Ask for feedback from representatives of your target audience. Your customers must find the copy enjoyable to read or they will simply click away from your home page or discard your marketing literature.

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