With Spring edging a little closer, that ‘fresh start’ mindset is in the air – why not take the time to give your website a Spring clean? With the whole year ahead this could be the perfect opportunity for your business to evaluate and improve your website. Here are 5 tips for a healthier website this Spring.


Revisit keywords and copy

Now is a good chance to see which keywords your website is targeting, and making sure that your website is being optimised in the best way possible to make the most of search trends and any changes in Google’s algorithm. Sites need to be as fresh as possible, and although we all know that there’s less of an emphasis on the actual keyword content of your site, it never hurts to make sure it reads well and is still relevant if nothing else.

Social accounts

Social media becomes a lot more active over the warmer months, and with Instagram recently announcing that you can now manage multiple accounts from one app, expect businesses to make full use of this in spring. Use this occasion to do a bit of an audit of your social accounts across the board – from Pinterest to Instagram to Twitter. The best practises for each platform are always evolving, so make sure you’re ahead of emerging trends.

Check and test

It’s a boring job, but someone’s got to it, and there’s no point having a website that looks beautiful if all the fundamental components don’t really work. Delve into Screaming Frog, WMT or Google Analytics, or get your business partners or agency to do so, and test a range of pages. Make sure forms still work, links aren’t dead and that the pages you want to direct people to still are the right ones for your business. Test site speed too, and look at any other technical areas that could hold the site back.

Freshen up your look

You really don’t need to do anything major here, but just in a way you’d give the walls of your home a fresh lick of paint, consider doing the same for your website. It’s your shop window, and you need to make sure imperfections are ironed out. It might be a simple as typography or the colour and positioning of certain blocks, but little changes can make a big difference and show your audience that you really care about how you’re perceived.

Improve usability

Sometimes, it can be easy to get bogged down in the nuts and bolts of how a website works, or its metrics, forgetting how it to use as a real customer. As part of your spring clean, step back from you website and try to look at it from an outsiders point of view. What little changes can be made that’ll improve the overall usability and attractiveness of the site. Maybe tweak the contact page, or give users better access to social media. All these things can help your brand image, help form a better opinion of your business and ease the path to conversion.

We specialise in making sure website perform to their best of their ability – and will happily help or lend advice as part of your businesses spring clean. Contact us for more information.


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