Branding for a start-up can be quite a challenge. This branding needed to instantly stand out and grab people’s attention. The brief was to make it bright, dynamic and exciting.

Our solution was a brand mark that features a visual play on words. The letter ‘A’ springs up in the air and brings an element of movement and dynamism. This reflects the fast-paced and ever-changing world of entrepreneurship and business. The brand uses bold, modern typography and bright colours such as warm pinks and purples. When tempered with more traditional blue, this translates into a professional, approachable, inspiring and innovative brand.

We also created a repeatable graphic design system with a system of brand assets such as the dynamic background and Springboard arrow. This can be utilised within print and online layouts to deliver a unified design language that is unmistakenly springboard. The branding is currently being rolled out (step by step – it is a start-up) to a new website, event posters, social media posts and branded merchandise.

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