Does your business have a brand identity? Your branding is the most valuable asset of your business, so it needs to be carefully crafted to ensure that the desired impact is made on your target consumers. If it doesn’t, or your branding isn’t as strong as it could be, just take a look at some of these basic tips which could improve your brand identity.


Determine Characteristics

In other words, how do you want your brand to be viewed by consumers? The characteristics of your brand shape together how consumers interact and feel about your business. Most often a brand personality is something that mirrors that of the target consumer base. To establish what this could be, you could conduct some market research into how your consumers view your business.

Perfect Your Positioning

By carrying out market research, you can determine where exactly your business sits within the market. The perfect way to take an exploration into your business is to conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis to gauge a clear picture of its purpose and place. When you have obtained a clear understanding of the results from your SWOT, you can then move on to defining different features to your brand.

Create a Visual Identity

In order to visually and subconsciously connect with consumers, the visual identity of your brand needs to then reflect what you have established from your findings. For example, in the market research results your consumers say that they find your brand to be relaxed and easy going. Based on this information you could then implement colours, fonts and graphics, such as the colour blue, which symbolises calmness in a consumer’s mind.

Develop a Brand Tone

If your logo didn’t appear with your brands content, could your consumer identify that it has come from your brand?  Striking the right tone of voice to speak directly to your consumers will help to further cement your business’s brand identity. It is important to be consistent with the identity you are portraying. Harnessing a certain characteristic from your brand’s personality will help to form the foundation to your tone.

This blog should only be used as simple guide and we recommend that if you wish to have a full, professional branding service, that will effectively meet your business needs, you should contact us here at Bob.

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