Bob has recently finished work on the design of a new prospectus for NSW. This looks to support the quest for the world’s first Fusion Power Station with unique capabilities in the South West of the UK. The aim is to bring investment, innovation and growth to the region.

Nuclear South West is the nuclear cluster for the South West of England. The South West is set to become a nuclear hub in the next two decades and Nuclear South West provides a platform for businesses to understand and take advantage of new opportunities.

The South West of the UK hosted the world’s first purely civil nuclear power station at Berkeley and remains uniquely prepared to deliver the world’s first fusion power station. The nuclear laboratories at Berkeley led the world in the development of nuclear fission technology, STEP would enable the region to build on this R&D legacy to become a world-leading centre in the deployment of fusion technology.

This exciting project is presented in our prospectus design which features images from the ongoing research and development into fusion power. The prospectus explains the basics of how the technology works, what the South West has to offer and where the opportunities lie.

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