With the recent outrage from worldwide consumers over the new Instagram logo, it demonstrates that visual identity is an extremely important tool for modern marketing. Many of us spend more time on our phones than we do with our loved ones, so it is no surprise that as humans, we form emotional bonds with brands that we interact with on a daily basis. So here we give you some tips on rebranding, whilst still ensuring that you can connect with your consumer.


Don’t alienate your target market

Make sure that the update is something that your target consumers want and that it is a natural progression for your company – do not make dramatic changes that may alienate your following as a company. By carrying out market research to gain feedback, this will address the need for the kind of change that will help your brand move forward with your consumers. Engaging with your consumer and keeping them informed each step of the way will build a better relationship, which will convert to more brand loyalty in the future.

Hire an expert

Sometimes it can be good to gain a little perspective by looking at your brand objectively, though this can be difficult it you’re at the centre of everything. By hiring experts for advice for a non-bias view of the brand, could highlight a new perspective from consumers that may not have ever been considered. Here at Bob we can help your brand evolve so that you’re one step ahead whilst retaining the identity that gained you a following in the first place. create the engaging rebranding design that you need, with our expertise, experience and creativity.

Keep the rebranding consistent

There is no point in having a visual overhaul if you don’t implement it consistently within every aspect of your marketing communications. When rebranding ensure you don’t leave any outdated traces of your old branding behind as it can look very unprofessional and could cause confusion for the consumer. If they see your new logo in one place, but then your old logo in another, it can appear extremely disorganised.

Make sure it can evolve as you grow

A great brand identity should be able to stand the test of time, so make sure you have got something that can grow and evolve, whilst remaining true to your company’s original values. Branding is the essence of the company and is much more than just a logo, colour scheme or graphic. This can be noted from renowned brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike and MacDonald’s, which have shown that with the appropriate design, a brand can continually integrate with the ever-changing marketplace.

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