Some would say that there is a very fine line between branding yourself and boasting and it is important to tread carefully with this. When you brand your business, you are promoting what you do; but this doesn’t mean that you need to be over the top or in people’s faces about your success. You can still brand yourself well, without boasting, and these are some ways to achieve this.


Be genuine

Share your successes with others and be genuine and grateful about it. One of the importance of branding is to let others know what you are doing and celebrate your achievements, as this is an important way to promote your business. However, there is a big difference between sharing and bragging. For example, if you have just won a contract with a major client and you want to let others know, say something like ‘I can’t believe I’ll be working with {insert name} on a new project, so grateful and honoured’, instead of ‘just starting working on this big project, I’m doing so amazingly well, is there any end to my success?’ The second one may be true, but it comes across very differently from the first. No one likes someone who brags and it certainly won’t attract interest in your business.

Don’t oversell

There is no need to be over the top with your business, as people find this highly off-putting. There is nothing wrong with promoting – in fact, it is vital. However, over-selling won’t win you any business. Promote your brand by all means, but let customers come to you if they decide to. Don’t force yourself onto them as this is too much for most people.

Promote others

Share the love by promoting other businesses. Those who are successful in business will not just focus on their own business, they will be eager to help others too. In doing this, you will show your brand in a positive way. Your brand will be viewed as one which likes to see others achieve and this will be great for the success of your business as a whole.

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Photo: London, gold star by Lars Plougmann licensed under Creative commons 2

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