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Today, consumers are spoilt for choice and sometimes it can be hard to distinguish one brand from another. The influence celebrity endorsements can have on generating brand awareness plays a pivotal role in promoting your brand image and ensuring the success of a campaign. Here is how a celebrity endorsement could increase your advertising effectiveness, promote brand recognition and create a positive image to help ensure that your product or service successfully stands out from the crowd.


Celebrity Culture

Social media stardom is on the rise; many celebrities have strongly established themselves as a valuable brand, just through the simple use of social media platforms such as Snapchat or Instagram.

In today’s completely connected world, it is hard for us to not be continually made aware of what they are doing in their everyday lives – and fans take note of this.

Through celebrity endorsement, and celebrity advertising, you can harness this power of celebrities on social media, to project a positive brand image and utilise celebrity images as part of your marketing strategy to help forge consumer brand loyalty.

Targeting New Customers

A great way of helping your particular brand to reach new customers can be by asking a famous celebrity to either become your brand ambassador/celebrity endorser.

You may find you already have an established customer base, but you are struggling to expand into new markets. It is important that you do your advertising research and be clear about your target audience.

Choosing your celebrity endorser wisely is key to ensuring that the celebrity spokespersons perceived image meshes well with your brand image.

Conversely, an endorsement deal for your brand with a celebrity spokesperson what sits slightly outside your brand image could help to attract a different demographic, opening up a new markets for the brand, that might otherwise be hard to attain.

Social Media Influencers

As well as celebrity endorsements, targeting the key individuals and influencers in your industry can also be a smart move. For example, you could research established bloggers or vloggers (social media celebrities if you will), who are deemed as reputable speakers within your target market.

Consider the popular make up blogger, Zoella. Many make up brands have used her online presence, to portray their product in a very real and trusted viewpoint. By finding the right influencer within your industry, who your consumers will listen to, could increase brand awareness and enhance their overall experience.

Influencers promoting your brand through their social media channels may also prove to be much more cost effective than engaging bona-fide A-list celebrity endorsers.

The Inner workings

When promoting a product or service, understanding the value of traditional celebrity endorsements when it comes to boosting brand awareness, can be crucial to your campaign plan.

An example of a brand who has effectively accomplished this is Tangle Teezer. Once known for its unsuccessful Dragons Den bid, the brand now boasts sales of £30m in 70 international markets. They place their growth and achievements on the influence of celebrities promoting their products on social media.

This just shows the importance of how you could bolster your brand through celebrity endorsement.


If you’d like to discuss how utilising celebrity branding or celebrity endorsement to foster a more positive attitude towards your brand or how an endorsing celebrity can help boost your brand personality and change consumer attitudes please get in touch. We’d love to discuss how we can work with you to achieve this!

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