You may be familiar with the phrase ‘print is dead’. This is far from true. Investing in professionally designed promotion is one of the smartest things you can do for your business in 2016 and here’s why:


Communicating your brand

Every piece of promotional material you release says something about your brand to the consumer and helps to build their brand trust. A bad advert design can seriously undermine even the most established brand reputation. An amateurish advert will tarnish the professional and well-thought out aspects of your business. With this in mind, the design needs to reflect the high quality of the products or services you provide, to persuade them to make a purchase.

Increases brand recognition

Print promotion makes up a considerable part of a campaign – it helps to increase familiarity and brand recognition amongst your target market. To maximise this recognition effect and not dilute your marketing message, ensure that you maintain the use of your brand colours and typefaces across your advert design and campaign.

Raises visibility

Even the best campaign only catches attention if it stands out. It needs to rise above competitors and tap into your target audience – so think about how you could achieve this with design. Would a minimalist approach resonate with your audience, or would a bold, dramatic effect work best? Whatever it may be, a well-thought out design help you to speak to your consumer in a memorable way and guarantees that your campaign stands the best chance of getting noticed.

Adds visual appeal

When designing campaigns, many brands are not knowledgable enough about how visually appealing designs can attract consumers. What emotions do the colours, photographs and layouts you choose evoke? Where does the viewer’s eye fall on a design? Does one area stand out above everything else? Good design can take a masterfully crafted concept and add stimulating value to its visual appeal. Professional, quality designers know how to make colour and layout work for certain markets and understand the psychology of visual in a marketing context.

Creates credibility

In our world of social media and online advertising methods, there is something reassuringly sophisticated about a well-designed print advert. As we have previously mentioned, a good design reflects the quality of a brands products or services. In considering factors like high quality paper or ink into the design outcome, the consumer can view the physical piece of promotion, safe in the knowledge that your brand is a credible one.

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