Digital marketing is thriving month after month, year after year. However, it is paramount to remember that the design and layout of your printed materials carry as much importance as your online platforms and can bring just as many benefits. By producing eye-catching and effective print materials, your brand will maintain its credibility and consistency.


Stand out from your competitors

Due to the serge in online marketing, there are many businesses who have indeed taken their eye off the ball when it comes to printed materials. With this in mind, by amalgamating a solid online marketing strategy with quality printed materials, you can engage with your consumers on multiple levels. At Bob, we’ve teamed up with businesses across a range of sectors, helping to establish outstanding brand identity through visual and written innovation for their printed materials.

Tangible print is still a novelty for consumers

Consumers still enjoy physical marketing materials that they can handle and carry around with them. Proof of this is evident in the popularity of newspapers over digital articles as well as CDs and downloads and books vs kindle. Although the digital versions of these products are popular, the physical copies are still widely purchased across the world. Moreover, a solid copy of a brochure or leaflet stays with your customer, jogging their memory and thus instigating them to think of your brand subconsciously. To summarise, printed materials are long-lasting and an effective reminder of your business in the consumer’s mind.

Some of your target audience may not be online

Whilst the web is widely used by people of all ages, there are still some who do not use the web to search for services and products. By investing time and energy into your printed materials, you’re more likely to reach these audiences.

Use all your options

Printed materials are an entire other platform for you to expose your brand to the world and offer a myriad of opportunities for your to be creative. With a whole window of opportunity at your feet, it seems silly not to use it!

Here at Bob, we can help leverage your business by creating effective printed materials that deliver a fresh, aesthetic design, corresponding with your brand’s ethic in order to send out the message you’re looking for. Give us a call if you would like support in helping realise your brand’s ideas and vision.


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