Web marketing campaigns are a fast and cost-effective way to communicate key messages. If utilised correctly they can provide any number of returns, from increasing the number of hits on your website to quickly popularising a new product. However, the internet is a crowded place, so how can you make sure your campaign is noticed by the right people? Here are a few tips on how to create a winning web marketing campaign.

Set objectives

It is not enough to say you would like your web marketing campaign to ‘raise awareness of your brand’ or ‘increase sales’. Without specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and time-based (SMART) goals it will be impossible to determine how successful your campaign has been. Think carefully about what you want your campaign to achieve and include a clear call to action that will direct your audience towards the desired outcome. Tracking software and email systems will help you gather information such as how many customers have clicked through to your website or subscribed to your e-newsletter.

Know your audience

Understanding your target audience is key to the success of any web marketing campaign. Knowing exactly who you want to communicate with will help you brief designers and copywriters and enable them to create a more focused campaign. You may decide you need to segment your customers based on their buying habits, needs and interests and produce separate campaigns that will directly appeal to each segment.

Decide your key message

Your objectives and target audience will largely determine the key message of your campaign. What do you want to tell your customers about your business? What response do you hope to elicit? The message should be simple and beneficial to your target audience. A designer can create an eye-catching advert or email template that utilises company livery. Enlisting the services of a copywriter will ensure your key message is communicated clearly and concisely.

Find your audience

Market research and analytics software will help you discover how your target audience is using the internet. Does your target audience read blogs or news sites? How do they conduct online searches and what keywords are they using? Do they use social media or play online games? When you find your audience online, you will know whether it is best to advertise on websites, use social media or invest in pay per click search engine results.

Try different approaches

Thorough research and planning will ensure the right message reaches your intended audience, but you might want to try a couple of approaches to determine which channel and style of communication provides the highest return on investment.

Keep campaigns fresh

New design and copy will have biggest impact on your target audience. When customers become over-familiar with a particular layout or message, they will be less affected by your marketing efforts. Use analytics software to determine the success of each campaign and further refine your approach for the next web marketing push.

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