We’ve been collaborating with Tigerplay since 2020, initially assisting them in rebranding and repositioning their company. Following that, we designed and produced a brochure that pushed the boundaries way beyond anything that they had produced previously, helping them focus on a higher-end market. Now, in 2023, we have produced a new Lookbook for them, which takes their marketing materials to the next level.

The Lookbook is designed as a short-run, large coffee table book, showcasing case studies of Tigerplay’s latest and most remarkable commercial projects. To enhance its visual impact, we utilised printing techniques that go beyond the ordinary. Since the brochure lacked pagination for perfect binding and the client desired the book to lay-flat when placed on a desk or table, you suggested a relatively new binding method called lay-flat-binding. This approach provides a stunning result and contributes to the premium feel that the client desired. Noteworthy features of the Lookbook include gold foiling of the logo on the cover, captivating photography of various play settings worldwide, large oversized pages, and UV varnished images.

Although the production process for this Lookbook may be reasonably expensive, considering the market Tigerplay is targeting and the value of potential sales, it is seen as a very worthwhile investment. The goal is to impress and attract new customers by delivering a high-quality, visually appealing marketing piece.

Tigerplay Lookbook intro
Tigerplay Lookbook spread 1
Tigerplay Lookbook spread 2

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