How our web design service works...

1. Discovery and planning

During the discovery phase, we gain a clear understanding of your company’s history, values and goals, helping us determine what you need from your new web design.

This is used to set the criteria for success and to guide our web design process, helping you get the most out of your website. Content mapping, wireframing, keyword planning and SEO are also considered at this stage to ensure that your

2. Applying your branding

As web design experts, we have experience in elevating brand awareness and the experience that your customers will have with your site. In addition to this, we don’t compromise beautiful design and intuitive functionality.

We’ll adopt and apply your visual language and personality to the pages, conveying your brand’s unique story. We’ll also ensure your key marketing messages and calls to action are well-positioned to generate the desired response.

3. Content

As part of our web design service, we integrate your copy into every page, suggest appropriate imagery, and create a fully functional test site for you. You can share this with your colleagues and decision-makers, providing feedback for us to integrate into the final website.

If you require help with copywriting, our expert copywriters are on hand to assist.

4. CMS implementation

Our web design service focuses on the ease of use, speed, and performance of the website.

We offer a WordPress Content Management System with an easy-to-use visual editor that allows for intuitive editing. This allows your marketing team to quickly build additional pages and customer acquisition channels with ease.

5. Post-launch services

To keep your website running smoothly, we offer maintenance packages for WordPress plugin updates or ad-hoc support. Analytics data can be used to plan where and when to add updated functionality and content.

Our web design work

Piercefield Oliver

Piercefield Oliver helps people realise their life’s ambitions and move beyond simply coping with their short-term financial responsibilities.

Their previous website (which we created in 2015) had reached the end of its life, and the task was to design and build a more user-centric site that carried improved information about the range of services available. This would allow for richer media such as video and podcasts to be brought to the fore to supplement the text content of the site.

London Business School

Digitalisation of the London Business School Founders Book. An online database of startup companies created by student entrepreneurs seeking investment and mentoring.

The Footstool Workshop

The Footstool Workshop, sister brand to The Headboard Workshop, required a new site to support their slightly neglected footstools brand.

The new site was carefully planned and designed to ease the customer journey from initial enquiry for swatch samples through to order placement. We introduced the new Harriet the Hedgehog character featuring throughout to accentuate the brand values through this main customer touchpoint.


We’ve worked with Redrow and Harrow Estates to create brand identities for some of their new property developments. Each brand draws on the individual nature of the development and distinct elements from the local area to be distinct and memorable.

We then created websites to showcase the plans for these developments to local residents as well as providing printed leaflets, information boards and slideshows that formed the backbone of the public consultation work.


Clarity helps businesses drive sales. They do this by providing a range of credit solutions that the likes of retailers, tradespeople and medical professionals can offer to their customers to help support sales growth and build stronger customer relationships. Bob was asked to develop a new website to launch the brand and bring the service to market.

The Headboard Workshop

We continually work with The Headboard Workshop team on their digital collateral. We help refine the customer journey and buying experience on the website. We also create assets for social media and other digital touchpoints.


Farmbuildr is a tech start up with the ambition to turn the UK government’s vision for ‘Controlled Environment Agriculture’ into a reality. The team at Farmbuildr were embarking on developing an app that functions as a toolkit for the budding CEA farmer.

Then, working with the tech team at Farmbuildr, we designed the UI for the app, considering how the user will navigate the process and what they expect and need at every step of their journey.

Persimmon Homes

We wok quite extensively with Persimmon whenever they do public consultations for local developments in the South West.

We create micro-sites for each development outlining the developer’s vision, the opportunities and benefits for the local community and provide plans and information on sustainability and building types etc.

We also produce leaflets advertising where the local residents can meet with the planners to voice their feedback in person.

Osborne Care Homes

Osborne Care Homes runs a group of dementia care homes in North Somerset and South Wales. The previous website was dated, with a poor user experience.

The redesigned site features more logically laid out information and short videos to bring the homes to life. The use of a web accessibility toolbar ensures that all users can access the content.


We worked with Vistry to create a microsite for a planning consultation for one of their new housing developments. Local residents could visit the site, read about the vision and view plans for the site as well as leaving comments for the development team on how the plans could be improved for the benefit of the local community.


London Business School hosts TEDx events, which are promoted through this website. The site showcases each year’s topic and introduces each speaker, with an overview and video of the talks.

You can also book tickets for the next event.

Swing Out Sisters

Micro-site and award-winning blog for Personal Trainer Emma Ludlow. It features energising colour schemes, client testimonials, and incentives for taking up strength training.

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The types of sectors we work in

Financial Services

Over the years we’ve worked with several financial services companies to create their websites. From Wealth Management Companies, to Financial Planners, to Pension Companies and more.


If you’re looking to sell online, you need an e-commerce website. We design and build websites for all sorts of companies. Examples include furniture retailers, florists, alpaca stud farms, and medical sales.

Sole Traders

We help ambitious sole traders such as Personal Trainers and Florists to create sites on a shoestring budget.


We work with many industrial-type companies. Examples include a 3rd generation building company, a large skip hire company and a manufacturer of conveyor belts. Our work helps elevate, build presence and bring in customers.


We provide design support for the Farmbuildr app. A toolkit for the budding CEA farmer to compare draft projects and output a simple set of requirements in order to hit the ground running.


We create micro-sites for public consultations. This was especially helpful during the pandemic, with face-to-face contact limited. We also work with smaller developers to market their new builds.


We created websites for independent Care Homes to showcase the outstanding care given to elderly dementia patients.


We created sites for several clients that are in the educational sphere. From sites for private schools, to research-based university faculties and higher education providers.


We work with independent legal firms to grow their digital presence. We prioritise key messaging and the personal touch to resonate with the audience and compete against much larger organisations.

Public Sector

We helped several large housebuilding companies to create micro-sites to aid in public consultations, something that has been especially helpful during the pandemic.


From headboards to sofas we help clients to create brands and websites that work hard to sell their fantastic products.


We create fun, informative, energetic sites to elevate the online presence of personal trainers and private gym setups.